Monday, 6 December 2010

Why I chose Print over Film

I have decided to choose print over film for a few reasons such as I will be working independently so I will be able to work without disruptions and I won't have to rely on anybody but myself. If I was to work on film I would have to work as a group and would mean that I would have to consult others on ideas. If the ideas are conflicting it could cause arguments which I would like to avoid.
As I am only working on my own it will allow me to spend more time in terms of consulting others. I also feel more comfortable on print editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop than film editing programs where I would usually struggle. I would also like to enhance my skills in using Photoshop as I have only used it at a basic level so this is an opportunity for me for me to develop my skills in this department. This would benefit me as I see a possible chance of me using this in the future and could possibly be linked with what I would like to study at University.
In the preliminary task I worked independently for the print task and as a group in the the film task, from the experience it persuaded me to work on my own as there were distractions when working as a group.

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