Friday, 10 December 2010

Interview for my Double Page Spread

When DJ Stimulus first plugged into the rave in 2008, it was the beginning of a whole new dimension to dance culture. His fans are mainly scarred by ecstasy’s acne and living deep within their Apple Mac’s. DJ Stimulus aged 21 is already a veteran of dance culture in everyone’s eyes, an artist with a true wide-screen vision. He is about to release his new album ‘Gravity’. Over 60 minutes long, listening to Gravity is like dreaming, out of this world.
If limits of music were limits of society this man is going to create new words. DJ Stimulus liquidizes space and rhythm into strong currents you can just get lost in. We sent an iDJ representative Micky B to interview DJ Stimulus about his succession in dance culture over recent years. Micky "well congratulations on the new album, it looks like it's going to be incredible".
DJ Stimulus "thanks it looks pretty promising, yes".
Micky "talk us through the album, what is it about?"
DJ Stimulus "the album Gravity is all about my past experiences, high and low, conflicting thoughts all represented through the mixing. If it wasn't for music don’t know where I would be. I was undecided when I left school in what I wanted to do until I went to a mate’s house for a jammin session, where I took a liking for music mixing. This is where I discovered I had a talent for it so I took it up as a profession.”

Micky “you sure do have a talent for it, so who is your inspiration, your role model?”
DJ Stimulus “my inspiration comes from many things family to fans. Sporting stars such as Rafael Nadal inspires me to never give up as he does on the court. David Guetta is an inspiration to me when music is concerned as his work is legendary in my eyes. I would love to achieve what he has, working with big
names in the music industry. By far they urge me on to keep inventing, when their happy I’m happy and that’s what gets me up in the morning.”
Micky “you’ve got a tour coming soon in the states with fellow DJ’s James Carter and DJ Merley, how do you feel about it?”
DJ Stimulus “I feel it’s gonna be a great experience, a chance to mix with other top artists. Exciting to experience America to it’s full potential and see my fans”.
Micky “Sounds great but where do you see yourself in the future?”
DJ Stimulus “well I don’t know, I like to live in the moment like my music but I would like to see myself as a top selling artist putting my name up there with the greats, the legends. Maybe help promote other young artists, I guess I’m still undecided just like when I was a school kid haha.”

Micky “other than the tour of the states are you thinking of any performances or gigs for example around Britain?”
DJ Stimulus “I don’t know really, you never really know I may keep it low key play at some clubs and small venues. If I’m lucky I might even get a chance to play at V festival and maybe make a cheeky appearance at Reading”.
Micky “what a legend at the age of 21, pleasure to meet ya, anything else you would like to add”.
DJ Stimulus “remember guys, it’s all the people, the party, the atmosphere!”

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