Thursday, 9 December 2010


For my original photos I decided to find an urban scene which contained graffiti to help identify with my chosen demographic (creative, non-materialist and experimental). The graffiti codes for all of these demographics, take non-materialist for example as it is a sign of not conforming to society as well as rebellious/anti-authority as it disobeys the law. It also represents experimental and creative as the graffiti is artistic and original.
I found a local skate park which met the criteria I was looking for, an urban scene which displayed graffiti. The urban scene shows the artists playful side as this is where people decide to have fun skating, quite child-like. I took my friends camera along with a tripod to provide a still image by holding the camera in a fixed position. This enabled me to get the shot I was looking for.
The five images dispayed above are the final photos that I will be using in my music magazine as I feel they all help identify with my target audience demographic. I decided to get images of the artist performing so the audience can identify with his musicianship.

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