Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What font to use?

Before I create my magazine I must decide what fonts to use throughout my magazine. I need to decide on a font for the masthead, headers and main feature. In order to find these fonts I would have to find a font more interesting than the default fonts as the font will add to the theme and feeling of the magazine. To help me decide I subscribed to where you can view many fonts. This website enabled me to download custom fonts then upload them so they were ready to use on Adobe Photoshop.
I have listed the font below of what I am going to use for the masthead, headers and the main feature. This helped me have an idea of what the final product would look like.

I have decided to use 'MEXCELLENT' and 'MEXCELLENT 3D' as well as 'BUMMER' as I feel that it will stand out on the front cover. The 'MEXCELLENT' styles are funky and quirky and could code for the genre of music that I am promoting in my magazine which is another reason why I chose these fonts.

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