Monday, 6 December 2010

Conclusion from my survey

From my results I have gathered valuable research that will be used to develop my magazine. U have found that I will be targeting an audience of young party-goers as my results have shown that Electro/House is the  preferred genre. I have also found that my magazine will be sold at a price between £2.00 - £4.00 so I would estimate the magazine to be at a fair price of £3.00. I asked friends as they are within the same age bracket as my target audience as well as my cousins who go to university and their friends as they are also within my target audience age bracket.

Chosen Genre of Music

For my magazine I have decided to promote the genre of dance/club music. I have chosen one particular genre of music as that way I can focus solely on one target audience. I feel that if I decided to focus on other music genres I would get sidetracked and include too much on one music genre than others in my magazine. I have also decided on this music genre as dance/club music attracts both genders, male and female. This creates a wider audience for the magazine so would most probably increase sales of the magazine issues. From the background research, I have found that this music attracts people between the ages of 16 and 30, and attracts party-goers which is our main target audience. This would benefit me as this is the type of music I listen to and am familiar with what it is about. I have the same type of mind set as my target audience as I am in the same age group so think and act the same. For example text/language used in my magazine would include slang and slogans as it makes the text interesting to read and would be suitable for my target audience as we are trying to attract younger rebellious party goers. This genre of music attempts to identify with 'anti authority' and 'rebellious' as it is familiarised with nightclubs where people go to rave and get drunk to have a good time.
People who decide to listen to dance/club music are creative and experimental as dance/club music can be remixed or mixed with other soundtracks. There are a variety of different types of dance music as I have listed in an earlier blog which shows that dance/club music is experimental.

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