Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Front Cover Analysis - NME

This is the front cover of the NME magazine. The audience demographic it is attempting to identify with is 'rebellious' or 'anti authority.' It is also aimed at people who are creative or experimental. It is different in tone and style to other music magazines in that it is not trying to identify with an audience that enjoys manufactured 'pop' like the X Factor variety. The red font suggests that the music is serious, plus it is bold and chunky which codes for masculinity. The facial expressions of the artists seem serious representing their style of music as well as their body language, back to back suggests seriousness. The magazine mainly comes across serious suggesting they are dedicated to their fans and are serious on their music.
The kicker on the front page says that the lead singer of the Arctic Monkey's is not 'leaving' his band for The Last Shadow Puppets. This suggests that the fan base/audience of the Arctic Monkeys are very loyal, and the NME is keeping them up to date with the latest news and gossip. This is something the magazine prides itself on - they are on the side of the fan. 

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