Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I have to decide what colors are to be used on my front cover before creating it. Color must be chosen carefully as it creates the feeling of the magazine and can be used as code so I must choose appropriately. I decided to research into colors to help me decide what to use and I felt the colors below would be most appropriate:

  • Green for part of the front cover design as it represents nature, growth and freshness just like my chosen genre of music being fresh, never boring, exciting and it is growing in terms of fan base.
  • Purple for the background as it represents creativity, power, royalty and magic. Purple gives the magazine a sense of prestige and also fits in with the demographic I'm trying to identify with, creative.
  • White will be used for the font colors as it stands out amongst the background color , purple. White is associated with light, goodness and purity which represents the promoted genre of music in the magazine as it is original. It identifies with my target audience demographic being non-materialist as the color is pure not representing corruption.
All of these colors fit in with the target audience demographic I am trying to identify with being creative, experimental and non-materialist. The colors are a mix and is why it is experimental and creative. The colors clash which is why it is creative, experimental and non-materialist as it doesn't conform like society. It represents the nature of the genre of music being promoted in the magazine, Electro/Dance. 

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